Tonnellerie Cadus French Oak Barrels and Puncheons

TONNELLERIE CADUS Burgundian cooperage: Building barrels with elegant, understated aromatics that give structure and support to your wine or cider with finesse. Available in 225/228L, 265L, and 500L.

Our SENSORIEL RANGE uses our patented PUR® toasting method to coax the desired end result out of the wood. One style, one barrel: Ideal for both shorter or longer élevage; available in all sizes. Want to preserve the wine’s verve, acidity, tension, and freshness? Try the EQUILIBRE. If it’s a round, lush mouthfeel and a weighty mid-palate you’re after, the VOLUME is perfect. And then there’s the INTENSE, because there are times when east coast fruit demands a bolder barrel (think Virginia Petit Verdot or Tannat). All are designed to fully integrate in 12 months or less.

ACCESS: A great solution if you are looking for a classic French oak barrel at a highly competitive price. Available in all sizes and toasts.

C BY CADUS®: Our flagship barrel is all about terroir and respects and supports the wine without influencing its character or locking its energy. Seamless integration, velvety tannin texture, long, creamy finish.

CAB BY CADUS®: The newest barrel in our lineup is built just for Bordeaux varieties and blends that will be bottled within a year or so of barreling. With a blend of oak that gives just the right amount of tannin structure and aroma, CAB by Cadus is perfect for cool- or warm-climate wines alike.

Our ORIGINE RANGE focuses on traditional grain selection and fire-toasting methods for conventional 12-month+ élevage.  This method relies on the density of the oak staves to produce an effective bioreactor. Traditional fire-toasts include M, M+, M++ (adding time, not temperature, for a long, slow extraction), as well as our new blond toast, M-. Medium Minus toasting results in the barest aromatic element and centers instead on structure for fruit-focused reds like Merlot and Cabernet Franc. We love it for clients interested in dialing back on new oak impact.

A hand-split log is cut into rough staves for shaping into finished barrel staves.

Click here to see more about Tonnellerie Cadus’ cooperage history, people, and excellence in barrel-building. Click here to find out about Cadus’ commitment to the environment by planting a tree for every barrel sold (over 70,000 oak trees planted so far!).

Contact us for pricing and options. Stock and custom barrels warehoused in east coast USA, west coast USA, and Canada (both Ontario and BC).

Barcoding French oak logs for traceability of wood origin

Wedge-splitting a French oak log for Tonnellerie Cadus wine barrels

Assembly of barrel rose at Tonnellerie Cadus

Bending wine barrels over low heat at Tonnellerie Cadus

Toasting wine barrels at Tonnellerie Cadus

Toasting wine barrel slo-mo at Tonnellerie Cadus