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Clayver is a stoneware container designed specifically for consistency and reproducibility in winemaking and perfect for fermentation, storage, and aging. Clayver’s controlled porosity allows for the development of weight, mouthfeel, and complexity without the aromatic or tannic impact of oak. Available in 2000L, 600L, 400L upright, 400L horizontal, and 250L. Have a question? Check answers to our Clayver FAQs or contact us.

Designed by engineers in northern Italy: “We do not star-gaze; we prefer to look at microscopes and measurement instruments. We prefer making calculations rather than throwing dice. When we thought about wine, our main idea was to avoid disturbing it. We came up with a material and a container that was able to accompany wine on its natural path. We did this in the simplest way that nature offers: water, earth and fire. In order to do this well though, computers, analyses and many mistakes were necessary. We learned a lot, and we are now convinced that we can offer a practical easy to handle ceramic container, one that requires no coatings and is easy to maintain. Try it. Its simplicity will surprise you!”