American Oak Barrels from The Oak Cooperage by Silver Oak Cellars

Located in Higbee, Missouri, The Oak Cooperage (formerly known as A&K) has produced handcrafted, American oak barrels for the wine, whiskey, and bourbon industries since 1972. Silver Oak, a leading producer of California Cabernet Sauvignon, purchased a 50 percent interest in the cooperage in 2000, after sourcing barrels from the cooperage for nearly 30 years. Fifteen years later, Silver Oak acquired full ownership, embracing a shared philosophy of quality, excellence, and continuous improvement in the time-honored craft of artisanal barrel making.

According to Tony LeBlanc, Silver Oak General Manager, “The flavors and textural components of American white oak from Central and Northern Missouri are the perfect balance of spice and vanilla flavors to complement the black fruit character of our wines.”

Today, The Oak Cooperage maintains a laser-like focus on the quality and consistency of our classic 59-gallon American oak wine barrels, while also producing a small number of American and French Oak barrels for the whiskey and bourbon industries. Each barrel is handcrafted by a team of highly skilled, hard-working men and women who preserve and advance the time-honored craft of artisanal barrel making. And now they’re available for you, too.

Barrels include 265/228/225/200/114L in 24-month or 36-month seasoned oak. Contact us for pricing, availability, and aging/wine pairing recommendations.