Cadus and AnA Selection Join Sales Organizations in North America

Press Release
by Tonnellerie CADUS
Jan 5, 2022

With enthusiasm for the year ahead, global French oak barrel suppliers Tonnellerie CADUS and AnA Selection announce the joining of sales operations for North America in 2022. The complementary styles offered by each company will make for a substantial collection of tools premium winemakers can employ in their pursuits of making appropriate cooperage selections for their elite programs. 

With the strength of wood sourcing from the Canadell Mill rooted at the heart of both programs, the competitive and capital-intensive nature of securing the best raw materials are well managed and controlled. While the two companies continue to operate independently in their respective regions of France, streamlining the sales team for the US, Canada, and Mexico should provide even better service, reach, and efficiency for the loyal clientele of both cooperages and the new opportunities it creates.

Tonnellerie CADUS was birthed out of the needs of Maison Louis Jadot to gain better control of their cooperage needs for their large portfolio of wines. Located in Ladoix-Serrigny – just north of Beaune in the heart of Burgundy – CADUS came to the North American market in 1996 and has enjoyed long relationships with many top wine producers. The hallmark of CADUS is goodstructure-building without oppressive aromatics interfering with the inherent nature of the wine and vineyard site. The major shareholders of CADUS are Maison Louis Jadot and the Canadell family – 4th generation foresters and wood millers with multiple facilities in France.

The AnA Selection cooperage is the result of the meeting of Anne-Marie Jayer and Jacques Canadell in the early 2000’s. The cooperage was established as an answer to the changing fashions in barrels at the time and now continues to favor lower-impact barrels with refined tannins gained from careful sourcing from the best French forests. AnA Selection made the significant investment to complete a state-of-the-art cooperage on the site of one of its stave mills. This makes it a low ecological footprint as logs arrive, are milled, aged, then crafted into barrels on the same land. Located outside of Bordeaux, the ownership is exclusively the Canadell family. “

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Tonnellerie Cadus

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