#Openlocalwine rallies support and sales in appreciation of local wine

The Cork Report‘s second #OpenLocalWine night on May 22nd saw over 60 wineries participating from 6 states, sales of special #openlocalwine 3-, 4-, or 6-bottle packs, virtual tastings and socially-distanced parties, and lots of buzz on social media with industry and consumers alike. Thank you to all the wineries that participated and to all of the consumers out there buying and drinking local wine when family-owned wineries need support more than ever due to COVID-19-era tasting room shut-downs. A big huge thanks and virtual hug to my co-host Lenn Thompson at The Cork Report for having the platform and wine voice to really make an event like this successful.

Read more about this fun event here:

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It’s Time To #OPENLOCALWINE: A Virtual Event by Robin Shreeves for Edible Jersey

OpenLocalWine Celebrates Wines from “the Other 46” by Denise Clarke of DC Communications

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