“Destemmed” podcast interview with Gina Shay of Tonnellerie CADUS: Oak barrels and cold climate grapes

Curious about how oak barrels are made? How the wood is selected? What the barrel is actually doing to the wine? Well, join us Thursday, May 14th, at 4PM on Facebook LIVE for Episode 2 of Destemmed LIVE. We will be discussing oak barrels in cold climate winemaking with Gina Shay of Tonnellerie CADUS.

Gina Shay is a certified sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine with 18 years of experience serving wineries in cooler and cold climate emerging regions, first as a supplier of corks and other top-of-the-bottle packaging; then with Petraea Plus, the first cool climate-dedicated barrel company in the U.S.; and now full-time with Tonnellerie CADUS as Business Development Manager for the eastern U.S., Midwest U.S., Washington State, and all of Canada.

She has served since 2016 on the board of the Michigan Wine Collaborative and is currently the Vice President of the board and the chair of the Membership/Communications committee, helping to garner support for the Michigan wine industry and promote Michigan wines throughout the state and across the nation.

She covers Michigan and, occasionally, other emerging regions as a regional correspondent for The Cork Report , an American wine blog.

Watch the recorded podcast here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=870279390143916&ref=external

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