The Chaos of Vintage 2020; CADUS EARLY ORDER DISCOUNT EXTENDED TO MAY 15* (*signed order confirmation due no later than 5/15/20)

Hi, all! We’re doing our best to support our winery customers from the sidelines via social media re-posts and publicizing your shipping/curbside pickup/discount specials during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. We miss you and look forward to the day when we can be back tasting with you in your cellars. Important updates from our side include:

CADUS FRENCH OAK BARRELS: Early Order Discount of 50€ per barrel has been extended one month to May 15, 2020. After a brief closure for the safety of our employees and customers, we are back to building barrels and ready to serve your needs for an on-time, pre-harvest delivery. We’re here to help and have many creative ways to assist you in these crazy times, so please reach out for some ideas if you’re struggling with your barrel plan this year.

CLAYVER: We are consolidating orders for at least one container to arrive before harvest, if not two containers. If you would like to explore Clayver for this vintage, now’s the time. Italy has been hit very hard by COVID-19, but thankfully, Clayver’s employees and their families are safe and healthy. The area where Clayver is manufactured, Vado Ligure, will be back up and running soon; we also produced significant stock before the shutdown.

THE OAK COOPERAGE AMERICAN OAK BARRELS: The cooperage has experienced a short closure for the safety of our employees and will be back up and running shortly. As a boutique cooperage, we anticipate absolutely no delays in getting barrels to our customers this year and can continue to ship year-round.

Most importantly, THANK YOU! We appreciate your business and your support of our boutique cooperage operations. We will get through this together. Stay safe and healthy.

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