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Our mission


SOURCE LOCAL, SELL LOCAL. Our supplier partners, all located in eastern North America with the exception of Tonnellerie Cadus in Burgundy, France, strive to provide the very best products on the market, from strategic sourcing at the cooperages (log/stave selection, seasoning, milling, coopering, toasting) to environmental sustainability to the highest manufacturing standards, aesthetics, and safety for our exceptional barrel rack systems. We've specifically engineered our product portfolio toward the flavor profiles, beverage styles, and trends of the eastern North American market. Our passion for happy customers and long-term partnerships means that your satisfaction is our goal! Our philosophy is simple: Anticipate what our clients will want, be responsive to their unique needs, and offer them innovative solutions to help them stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of craft beverages.


Products and Services


Tonnellerie CADUS 30-month seasoned French oak barrels (225/228L, 265L, 500L puncheons) in Sensoriel® and Origine® profiles, designed to enhance or suppress oak aroma compounds, depending on the vintage or what you want to highlight in a particular wine. Helping the environment by planting a tree for every barrel sold and using an innovative wood furnace to assure the cooperage's energy independence using wood chips, shavings, and sawdust from barrel production. Barrels brought directly from Europe into our east coast warehouses. Contact us for a price list and visit Tonnellerie CADUS here for technical sheets or company information.



Titan Hybrid Steel-Oak Barrels The Titan barrel is a new take on a traditional barrel, with a stainless steel shell paired with wood heads and stave inserts. Choose from French, European, or American oak, acacia, or any combination of those woods. Because of the micro-oxygenation that occurs through the wooden heads, true angels' share development occurs as with a traditional wood barrel, but faster. Change woods or number of staves with each vintage based on the crop, or use the Titan to creatively age and finish distilled spirits, beers, and ciders. Available in production sizes (19L, 38L, 114L, 225L) and retail mini-formats (750ml, 1L, 2L).  Contact us for a price list, cooperage visit, or accelerated aging program.



Blackwater Barrels American oak barrels for distilled spirits. 53-gallon and 30-gallon American oak whiskey barrels in multiple char toasts for spirits, beer, and cider. Seasoned at the source and coopered in South Carolina for distinctive aromatics to complement your oak program. Custom laser logo engraving available for maximum cellar aesthetics; check it out here. Contact us for a price list or to visit the cooperage.



Contact us to sell your used barrels in eastern North America. Our clients are always looking for 2nd/3rd fill and neutral barrels.



WineStix®, BeerStix™, and CharStix™  oak alternatives for tanks (Tank Staves/Segments and Domininos™) and barrels (Barrel Tethers), for fermentation and maturation. American New York State 30-month seasoned white oak, Allier 24-month seasoned French oak, New York applewood, and whiskey-infused CharStix for cider, beer, and spirits. Milled in New York's Finger Lakes wine region by Peter DeVivi Productions. Available in Light, Medium, Medium+, Burgundy Medium+ Long, Bordeaux Blend, and Char toasts. Contact us for commercial pricing, samples, dosage recommendations, visit information, or accelerated aging programs.



Premium One-Touch Automatic and Manual Slide-Out Barrel Racks by Liftco. Safe. Beautiful. Efficient. Quake-resistant. Corrosion-resistant in high-humidity conditions. Made in the USA. Contact us to request pricing and technical specifications. Check out our YouTube video here.



Wine education programs and tastings: Private and corporate

Wine judging and review: Contact us for info

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