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Oak & Applewood Barrel Alternatives


WineStix® and BeerStix™

French oak, American oak, and applewood for fermentation and maturation. Multiple toasts and formats for tanks and barrels, depending on timeframe and desired results.


CharStix™ Standard or CharStix™ Whiskey-Infused for cider or beer.


Accelerated aging and 5-day sampling programs--ask for details.

Traditional Oak & Acacia Barrels & Puncheons


Tonnellerie CADUS French oak barrels: Built in Burgundy and perfected for terroir-driven, cooler-climate wines. An unexpected, fresh frame for ciders and beers. Sensoriel® Series results-driven barrels and Origine® Series traditional grain selection for all aging regimens. 


Black Water Barrels American oak barrels for whiskey and other distilled spirits.

Cool-climate usa & Canada:

stock barrels available now in our east coast warehouses for ground delivery or free pick-up.


Tonnellerie Cadus French oak barrels available now. Custom orders begin again January 2018.

WineStix oak alternatives arrive in just 3 days.

Titan Hybrid stainless steel-and-oak barrels available with 12-week lead time.

Click below for pricing and specifications.

About us


After over a decade working with companies that catered only to "Big Wine" on the west coast, we started a company to cater to the wines, spirits, beers, and ciders of cool-climate North America.  Our portfolio is curated specifically for you. We believe in a customer-centric business model, and we live, work, and drink in eastern North America (just check our social media pages!). We KNOW you; we understand your region. And if we don't yet, we want to. This tenet carries through to our suppliers, too: As many of our high-quality products as possible are grown, milled, manufactured, warehoused, and/or coopered in the Midwest and the eastern United States. We believe in the power of community and networking, so if we don't have something to suit your needs, we will connect you with a supplier that does. We look forward to serving you!


Gina Shay is a Certified Sommelier through The Court of Master Sommeliers and a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators. She serves on the board of the Michigan Wine Collaborative, a non-profit organization working to enhance the sustainability and profitability of the Michigan wine industry by promoting successful collaboration of wineries, growers, research centers and other businesses and individuals connected to the industry--today and for future generations. She works out of Metro Detroit and the Finger Lakes region of New York, traveling extensively to taste with and serve the winemakers, brewers, cider makers, and distillers of eastern North America. Her husband, Jeffrey, and her two kids support (read: "put up with") her obsession with delivering a great customer experience and perfectly matched-to-your-beverage oak products.





Proud supporter of the Michigan Wine Collaborative! Ask us how to join or donate. 

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Liftco Premium Slide-Out & Spin Barrel Racks


Made in the Great Lakes region, our racks both slide out for easy access and spin in the cradle for cleaning, topping, racking, and tasting. Beautiful, practical, safe, and providing seismic stability. User-friendly for cellar operations and memorable for guest events and tastings. Available in automatic or manual models. No forklift? No problem! See how they work here.

Titan Hybrid Stainless Steel-and-Oak Barrels


A stainless steel shell with oak or acacia heads (wine) plus cherry or maple (distilled spirits) and stave-insert system give true angels' share evaporation and micro-oxygenation for accelerated aging. The ultimate in barrel flexibility: Mixing and matching toasts or woods and replacing 

heads/staves is a snap. Cost savings and control are immense, especially if your varietal volumes change with each vintage.